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ooo boy. A sinus infection just led to time traveling right through my weekend.

I'm really enjoying this Game of Thrones series on HBO. The books are back-ordered on Amazon, presumably due to the interest generated by the show... which means my order is only exacerbating the problem. Even with a keen ear, I have a hard time placing all the names and relationships that are discussed in the show. I think I am anticipating the books for the prime reason of establishing a distinct view of who is who and what is what.

The show is a nice break from the silliness of True Blood and the intensity of Dexter.

Since I'm no the topic of media, I might as well continue with other consumed stories.

I watched both Tron and Tron: Legacy for the first time this past week. I didn't have high hopes for the original Tron, as I figured it had primarily cashed in on the early computer/arcade craze. I was surprised by how well the graphics and story have held up. Legacy was astoundingly fun. The only parts of both movies that I could care less about where the para-sailer segments. i think thats what they are called? Solar Sailer maybe? Err, maybe it was called a Line Rider? Either way, both movies have a very slow lull where the characters ride on little ship (very slowly) and just sort of lay around contemplating things. It is a huge kick in the nuts to the pacing of the story.

Beyond enjoying the story and effects and such though.... the number 1 thing I walked away with was that the Tron Guy's costume actually kinda sucked.

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