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I Need

"I need two tacos with...."

"Ya, I need a grande cheesy crunchy fajita gordita mucho supremo...."

I need. I need. I need.

Why does that bother me so much? When ordering fast food it drives me nuts when people state that they NEED something or an other.

You really dont. You really don't need that mega cheesy beefy crunchy wrap with extra sauce.

This is not a food ration line in Africa. There is no one dying of starvation that simply needs a paragon of excess masquerading as food.

Hell, I don't care if they say they NEED a fruit & yogurt cup. No matter how healthy or nasty the food being ordered is - you don't bloody NEED it.

Personally, I always say, "I would like a giant motherfucking double decker hamburger slathered in death, with fries and a coke." Because that is the truth. I would like that. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered sitting in line for food.

Does the person taking the order care? Probably not. They probably think "need" is english for NOM NOM NOM.

Why do I care? No clue. But today, standing in line at Chipotle while a slow rotund woman wobbled up the the counter and brazenly stated that she needed two tacos, the first thought that crossed my mind was the only she needed was lap-band surgery and a bitch slap.

Or maybe she needs the same thing to happen to her that took place in an old Tales From the Darkside I saw as a kid called "Love Hungry".

Nothing curbs an appetite like bananas that scream when being eaten... hahahahaha. why do I remember this? haha.

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