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Medical World

Two Sunday nights ago (the 11th), I had a fairly high fever... so I decided to stop in the doc's office before work. That turned into a direct trip to the E.R. (do not pass GO), as my doc thought my symptoms sounded like meningitis. So several hours of E.R. later (and a spinal tap) they determine I don't have meningitis, but they want to admit me to find out what it is. This turned into a 6 day hospital stay including 6 mri's, 3 cat scans, and 2 sonograms of my heart. In the end they found something in my upper right lung, but they don't know what it is. So they decided to put me on three anti-biotics at once, wait two weeks, and see if it is still there.

That seems to me like the equivalent of spreading napalm across a forest and then checking afterwards to see if you got bambi or not.

If bambi survives however, that turns this into a whole other medical odyssey.

To quote one of the docs, "One does not generally want to be a medical mystery". I don't ever remember applying for the part.


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Oct. 23rd, 2013 04:24 am (UTC)
Bambi definitely survived. ;/ This was only the beginning of 2 more week long hospital stays, 2 types of pneumonia, and a whole host of other problems. It is odd to go back and read something from a time when it all seemed so new and obvious.
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