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Memento Mori

28 November
I'm Anthony. I've had over 50 jobs in my life that range from training people on how to frame art to publishing remote sensing data during my time at AMEs research facility. I've also worked in arcades, cleaned chickens, managed cookie stores, worked on pneumatic robots, and designed gis networks for municipal drainage. Currently I am a Geoscience Data Admin, which is probably the most boring title I've ever had, but it also is the most rewarding (to my bank account).

I dabble in all sorts of things. Web design, graphic design, arcade\retro game emulation, building & refurbishing arcade cabinets, camping, roadtrips, and many more things - yet all these hobbies are at odds with the day to day responsibilities a homeowner, husband, and dad take on.

My journal has followed me for over 10 years, sometimes with posts every hour and sometimes with no post for nearly a year. But it is a decade long capture of my life, my rants, my views, my art, my pain, and my love.

Around the time I started this journal I was dealing with heavy epileptic seizures brought on by a severe case on pnuemonia. A side affect of them was short term memory loss, and because of this I can remember my child hood much better than my early 20's. My journal began as a way to capture my thoughts and memories before i lost them, while also exploring the causes of my health problems. in time it weaved through dating drama, college years, and now the early stages of fatherhood, home ownership, and a healthy dose of "get off my lawn".

i look forward to updating this in another decade to see where I have gone by then.