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I'm not sure I understand that modern culture of question everything, believe nothing.

It seems to be an excuse really. When one does not agree with the view points of a certain group, it is easier to call everything they say and do into question rather than providing a solid counter viewpoint. The idea seems to be, "Why bother researching ones own viewpoint when you can simply discredit what you don't like."

Specifically I am referring to politics, and the catalyst for this is the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Within minutes of the anouncement, tweets and status updates across the internet immediatly began calling the anouncement into question. Why did they bury him at sea? Why didn't they show pictures of his bloody carcass? Why didn't they get him before if we knew where he was?

All these questions are a mask for the simple fact that these same people have a fundamental issue with the current president. It really doesn't matter what is said or what proof is given, these irrational people will do whatever they can to cast doubt. I have yet to see a rational person take this position, rather it has been a parade of doubt cast by the same people on every topic related to the president.

Between this and the birther bullshit, the irrational segment wants to discuss anything but true political issues.

When people despised Bush, they often just called him a dumb redneck, made fun of his intelligence, and were done with it. Since that approach is quite a bit more difficult with Obama (due to race sensitivity), they make up non-issues to give them a platofrm to criticize. In other words, insulting him sounds quite a bit more racist.

The plain and simple truth is there is quite a bit Obama can be criticized for... so why not focus on those real issues instead of making up ridiculous accusations about birth certificates and fake assassinations of terrorist leaders.

I am not proud to be a citizen of a country that ferments this kind of ignorance and hatred. I'm not proud that neighbors and friends are either so gullible or hate-filled that they entertain these minute conspiracy theories. I am disgusted that these theories primarily exist to give a mask to the bigotry and racism that truly underlies the negative emotions. I hate the pundits that polarize the country with their search for ratings by making this junk up in the first place.

And I hate that social media has given every jackass with a computer the ability to spread the very essence of uneducated divisiveness like wildfire.

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